Knowing the Legal Status of Your Mobile Home


When it comes to living in a mobile home park in California, there are some things that every mobile home owner should regarding their mobile home. We hope we can educate and shed some light on the MRL or Mobile Home Residency Law so you can understand your current lifestyle situation much better. There are currently just under 5000 mobile home parks in the State of California. This is where the large majority of mobile home residents live and spend their lives. 

There are certain legal rights and laws that are specific to mobile home owners. The MRL is the landlord tenant law found in the California Civil Code. The Mobile Home Residency law spells out the agreement and rights a tenant and landlord have as mobile home livers or owners. It handles things such as rent increases, late fees, evictions, rental agreements, etc.. 

The MRL is a very helpful document if you are in a sticky situation and want to know more about how you can get yourself out or handle it. The rental agreement portion of the MRL states that mobile home management companies or owners must give their tenants a 12 month lease unless a shorter term is requested and approved (typically a month to month). Some leases that aren’t protected by a rent ordinance can expand out for 10, 20, or even 30 years. It’s important to read your rental agreement front to back so you can understand the situation better.


Mobile home residents must follow the parks rules and regulations to avoid fees or even possible evictions. Parks have rules and regulations to help keep the community structured and content with one another. Mobile homes are structured as small communities, so there are a few more rules one must follow rather than living in a more traditional residence. 

An interesting thing to note is that if a park wants to change a rule or regulation in the park they must have a 6 month written notice that will be sent to all residents. If the rule being changed revolves around any recreational activity, then a 2 month written notice is required to all residents. 

If you’re interested in finding more information on the MRL be sure to check out this blog here: which goes over a ton of useful information in the MRL. Thanks for reading and we hope you come back as we update our blog over the next few months! 

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